Members are the heart of this Volkswagen community. This member only accessible section lists all Wagen Volks community members. Use it to learn about your community. The list is currently sorted by the most active site members. Check out their pages first, as these members most likely have their pulse on the latest and greatest in the VW community. Very soon Wagen Volks will provide a more finite way to search search this member directory.

Clubs & Groups

This list of air-cooled Volkswagen Car Clubs and Social Groups is here to give you the opportunity to connect with other fellow dub lovers locally and digitally world wide. Find that special club or online group that takes pleasure in the collecting, preservation and love of a classic Volkswagen as much as you do. So take the driver’s wheel and explore our growing global list. Some Groups & Clubs are private and require approval to join, some are open to all. Anyone is welcome to start a group or club page from within your profile.

Events & Shows

We want to help you get involved in many events and activities around your local area.  Check back in often to see dates and times for upcoming classic Volkswagen car shows, events, club meet-ups, classic car auctions to swap meets and more. An event’s page may include links to more info info, entry forms, maps, and other helpful VW car show information.

Business Directory

As much as many of us think we can “do it all” with our Volkswagens, at some point we need the assistance of a professional. This easily searchable list of Volkswagen businesses and related websites will get you one step closer to having your vintage VW or classic Porsche on the road again.