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Wagen Volks Members are the core of the website and its community. There are two places on the site people can learn about and interact with you. One is via your Profile section and the other is your Swap Table. At this point, both have similar info, but require separate settings. The following are details for the Profile Section only.

This shows Members a list of all your interactivity with the site. It’s a great way for other to learn what you find interesting in the community.

— Name
required This can be your real name or a moniker. This name is used on the site to reference your account.
— Phone Number
While not required, it could be useful if people want to reach out to you.
— City, State, Zipcode
required This info is shown to consumers on the profile page. Go to the Settings section to toggle on/off visibility.
— Change Profile Photo 
The profile photo is a small headshot type image that is used in various places. In most cases it is also a link to your profile page. Upload an image size of “72 dpi” and a “width and height of 125px”. Images will be shown as a circle.
— Change Cover Photo
The profile cover photo is the large banner image that shows on your profile page. Upload an image size of “72 dpi” and a “width of 1170px wide, and height of 370px”. Be careful, larger images can cause the page to slow and possibly turn away viewers. Currently this image does not reduce size correctly in mobile view. This will be fixed soon.

Wagen Volks will need to send you website specific info from time-to-time. Messages to the community will show in this section. Most often these messages will be about new site features and enhancements. Other times it might be about a site issue or maybe to inform you about a featured Member. Automated website notices like group approvals and follower notification will also show here.

This the Private Messaging system for the site. This is the main page for all communications between member accounts. You can perform most standard message tasks.

These two sections will show a list of Members that you are following, or are following you. To follow someone, you will find a “Follow” button on the Members profile page, and also on other pages where user profiles are linked.

— Memberships
This is a list of all Groups you have joined. You can join a group by going to the Groups page and selecting the “+ Join Group” or “Request Membership” links.
  • + Join Group : Open groups do not require approval. Once clicked, you are in!
  • Request Membership : Some groups are private. Once membership is requested, the group admin will need to authorize you. Authorization approval notifications will be found in the Notifications section.
— Invitations
This is a list of all users asking to join a group you are and admin of.
— Events
Group admins have the ability to create an event through the Groups administration page. Those events that have been created, and group events you have said you will attend will show here.

This page will show all Events you have created or have said you will be attending. You can also add your own events here.
Adding an Event and Location
Adding an event is fairly strait forward. Please fill all the information you have available to ensure it is listed correctly on Wagen Volks. Be sure to select the correct categories and upload an image if available. If you plan to attach an event location, I suggest creating the location first in the “My Locations” section. All event submissions are held for Wagen Volks moderation. Events that are not already on site site should be approved pretty quickly.

Show everyone all your favorite pictures and videos. You can create as many photo albums as you like and load as many images and videos into the albums. While there is no limitation to photo size, to ensure people can see your images without to much download time, it is suggested that images be “72 dpi” and not larger than 1240px width.

This section will allow you to update your site password, determine what automated emails are sent to you, and toggle contact info detail visibility.
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