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Below is a detailed tutorial on how to add sale posts to the site. While much of this info is not required to get something on the site, providing all the info you can will allow the sites search feature to work to its potential and the right member to purchase it. These steps are shown completed on a desktop, but the mobile steps are not much different.

You can find a link to your vendor dashboard in the top of the PARTS navigation. You will also be directed to the vendor dashboard after each login. On the vendor dashboard you will find the “Add New” button. Shown here with a blue circle.

Product Type 

required The first drop-down sets the product type. In most cases, the default of “Simple Product” is what you want. For those that want to link to products on their own website, choose “External”.

Product Title

required It’s a good idea to have a good add title. Sometimes the picture doesn’t say enough. Think if a phrase you would want to type into Google to find the part.


required The right price can be hard to find. If you like, you can set a sale price to start after a certain amount of days using the “schedule” link. Just set the start date, and put the end date some time in the far future.


required To ensure users other members can properly find your post, good categorization is important. Categorization is broken down into three sections.

  1. Post Type : Choose ONLY 1 from this section.
    1. USED PARTS : It’s been on a car or is new, but in not new condition.
    2. NEW PARTS : It’s never been on a car and is in great shape. Aftermarket stuff goes in the Accessories section.
    3. CAR SALE : Anything from a shell to complete car so long as it’s a VW.
    4. HOMESPUN : You made this rad thing in your garage and want to sell it.
    5. MEMORABILIA : It’s not a part, but it’s still VW.
    6. IN SEARCH OF : You are looking for something that you didn’t find in the sale sections.
    7. ACCESSORIES : It’s a cool aftermarket part for your VW.
  2. Car Type : Choose as many Car Types and Models the part will work for.
    1. Tip : While there is no limit to how many car types you can choose, choosing incorrectly matched cars with parts may prevent the product from being sold successfully.
    2. Tip : If the part only fits Oval Beetles, it’s important to select “Type 1” and “Beetle – Oval”. Choosing only “Type 1” will not allow the part to show in a search in the Oval category.
  3. Part Category : Select ONLY 1 part category from this section.
    1. Engine
    2. Fuel, Exhaust and Heating Systems
    3. Transmission
    4. Front End
    5. Rear Axle
    6. Wheels and Brakes
    7. Bumper, Levers, Pedals
    8. Body
    9. Electrical


required The main description is found in the parts details page. This description should contain any important info about the part that is necessary to know.

Short Description

This is usually a shorter version of the main description. It is used in various places in the site that display ads in a smaller format. If nothing is set here, a truncated version of the main description will be used in its place.


required You can load as many photos as you like. Click the large space holder image image to set the main featured image. Then click the small place holder image to add alternate next images. If you want to add more images, click the plus icon next to the smaller one.

Image size should be “72 dpi” and  “450 width”. The 450 value is the max the image will display on screen. If you add larger images, depending on the overall file size, this could prevent the images from loading at a decent speed.

BUG Alert!! Sometimes.. the photos do not set correctly after a save and require a quick re-set and re-save. This bug will be fixed in a near future release.


Select the maker of the part. This adds the part to a page dedicated to the brand. Unfortunately not all makers are listed. More will be added later.


Tags are another useful  feature for people searching on the site. You can think of them as keywords or phrases that you think people would search in Google to find the part. Separate each keyword or phrase with a comma.


“How much to ship?” is one of the most often questions you will have. Take a moment to fill out the shipping weights and dimensions so members can do the cost-to-ship research themselves. Another good spot to place this info is in the main Description above.


Most will not need this option. For those that have a product that has very similar options available, adding them as an attribute is an option. The best way to describe it is if you have something like a Club Logo Shirt for sale and it comes in Small, Medium and Large. Those are all attributes.


As you add products to the site, you will have the option to link the part to other parts. These linked products will show on the page below the main product. It’s a great way to cross-link your products.


SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. If you want a good chance of being found from a Google search, adding this info can be important. Thankfully if you did the Tag and Short Description fields, you can just copy and paste them into these fields and vice versa. Learn more about how you can get the most out of Wagen Volks by utilizing smart SEO.

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